Changes in theme development

Changes in theme development

 None  21 Jun 2021 : 14:29  Comments (0)  Jimako

Some information about my theme development

At first. I will support the existing premium theme and I will finish promised ones. But I am changing my approach to my new themes. There will be not new premium themes, no themes uploaded on  No quarantine that I will finish the free theme or anything. 

I am moving all my themes (that still are working) here:  There are private repos, so check the Theme list there if you are looking for something.  

I will announce the new theme I am working on on this site, you can help with testing, create issues and I can fix them when I find the time. But I will do themes only for my needs, mainly for efiction plugin testing and for my job projects. This means moving from user-friendly focus to developer focusing = do you want something to change? Customize the code.  

When I find a nice HTML UI, I will try to make a theme, but without any guarantee of full finishing. 

And because I work on too many things at once, I will use probably gitbook more.  Not just for efiction plugin, but for my themes too.  To be able to remember where I left and how I solved something then.  You can see what I mean here:

Oh, and if you get a 404 error if you click on some news from RSS, it is because the article is visible for members only.  If you think that there should be different behavior, try to talk with core developers.