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Welcome to e107.sk

This is first post on this site in version 2


Ok, version 2.1 is out and it was time to move to version 2 on this site too. But where to find some time? Because I will need to test alt auth plugin on my demo site, I decided just install new version and I will see what to next do. At first I want to create new theme. And I will do it on this site, so my progress will be visible as soon as it's done. 

Next, I manage Links_page plugin and Userlang_menu plugin. It's old plugins from version 1, but they work under version 2.  And I am willing to help with content and calender plugins. 

Next, I am working on simple YTB gallery plugin...  

Next, I am porting BOWL template for version 2 for my client, but they will need just part of it. It's excellent example how non bootstrap theme can work with CMS based on bootstrap. 

Next, I am working on Slovak translation, almost done. 

Actual look of this site was made in less than 2 hours. I will continue when I find some time.

Happy Easter to all.

Funny. Edit almost 2.5 year later.

It's version 2.1.8 now. Full of awesome features.  LinksPage plugin was moved under somebody else support.  I don't use Slovak version anymore, all active sites are in Czech. 

YTB gallery plugin is already made by e107 Inc.

Site with Bowl theme was never finished because client disliked reservation plugin that was made for me by Lonalore. 

I ported other one for e107 but it was already too late. 

What can you find here?  

Forum, Knowledge Base, Download section... 

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  • Jimako
    Jimako  3 weeks ago

    JM Core 1.6 released, desc with the image on Facebook

  • Jimako
    Jimako  2 months ago

    New version of metatag plugin is tested now here... some messages can be see from time to time :)

  • Jimako
    Jimako  2 months ago

    There is new theme mdbootstrap in my github repository for anybody who want to learn new way how to build e107 theme. It's built with focusing on step by step. Anybody who have interest, just let know about you and start ask questions while I am on the beginning.

  • Jimako
    Jimako  2 months ago

    For download something, you need to subscribe class Real e107 user in your profile. (if you didn't get message on homepage)

  • Jimako
    Jimako  3 months ago

    @Moc I changed settings to PM available for class Real e107 user (class able to download free things) and I added you this class. And created issue because I have no idea how this should work.


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