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Landing Zero 2 1.1 released

What is new in version 1.1? Not too much but I like those ideas...

In theme preferences options to set header, body and footer width.  In bootstrap you can use classes container or container-fluid, so this settings just set those classes....

What is new?

What I am working on now?


some news, because I am still here.  

I work on 2 big "projects".  The first one is porting efiction script for e107. That script is new for me, so at first, I need to get how it works. It's a lot of work and only in my free time.  The second one is new theme based on this HTML template.  It means new plugins or improving existing ones. For example teammembers and testimonials.   

Hestia 1.0 released

Hestia 1.0 for the version for 2.2.1 and higher (no HTML layouts).

New theme Hestia released. Inspired and fully compatible with Gaia. Free for users with Gaia licence. We tested it with the latest versions of JM Theme and Elements plugins. 

Relive e107 blog boostrap theme

New theme for e107

History of Relive theme 

Relive theme is originally WordPress theme by TeslaThemes.   

I bought Lifetime Developer licence sometimes in 2015,  what means that I can do with those themes what I want (confirmed by their team now, I can't only sell their themes directly). 

They have very interesting themes and I really don't know why I choose Relive. I just found it downloaded at my comp while cleaning old stuff.  It looked very well coded, so I decided to try if developing would take more than 24 hours.  It took 15 hours, with making videos 3 days. Of course, not 15 hours at row, but during those 3 days. 

You can see result on my demo site


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