InfadeBlack theme

InfadeBlack theme is updated old theme from 2006 for php 7 and e107 2.2.2

This theme was known as BLACKv2 theme made by infade.net in 2006 (yes, it's no mistaken).  You can still download it from some servers. 

e107 Bootstrap4 Freelancer theme

Version 4.0.0 released

For now, this theme is used mainly for testing limitation of the e107 core with Bootstrap 4.  If there is something wrong, we need to know.

Together with this theme are core bootstrap4 and new theme developed. All for 2.2.1 with some workarounds.  Any update of this theme will fix some things or add new functionality. 

Soraki e107 Bootstrap Theme

First version of e107 soraki version finished

Soraki theme is theme based on GetShitDone Pro by Creative Tim. 

Light version has limited content (many parts are hardcoded), mainly things that are solved by premium plugins.

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