About support and development of bootstrap 3 themes, and Hestia's rules change


Some info

There is nothing wrong using bootstrap3 themes nowadays. Yes, I know, bootstrap 5 is in alpha phase, but I prefer stability before novalty. 

The only problem with my older bootstrap theme is that they are written for the older versions of e107. HTML layouts are so incredible stuff in version 2.3.0, that I am not going to develop older themes. 

So what themes will be supported? 

Hestia 2.0 theme released


Version for e107 core 2.3.0 available with HTML layouts

This version is intended mainly for the update from version 1 to version 2 and it can be used only for e107 version 2.3.* (HTML layouts introduced). Version 1 still works with 2.3 (like Gaia does), but for future development (to be compatible with Solid and Landing Zero) theme's core had to be rewritten. 

If you have an account on Easystore, it was added to your downloads.  
If you get Hestia a different way, just create an account, make an order (DON'T PAY ANYTHING) and I will add either credits or complete your order manually.  

Solid theme 2.4 released


Support for variable header added for Solid theme too

The same functionality as Langing Zero2 theme

Added to download section. Don't forget that you need Real e107 user class to be able to download it.

LandingZero2 theme 1.4 released


Added most asked feature to LZ2

Included support for variable homepage header. It is only courtesy for Stansfield.

I tested only functionality. I am aware that demo images, help info is outdated, but they are just details. 

Added to download section. Don't forget that you need Real e107 user class to be able to download it.

custom css in my future themes


This is way how I will use custom css in new or updated themes for e107 2.3.X

This article is outdated. It doesn't work this way anymore.

Custom css is inline css inserted directly in some of my themes via Theme preferences. Normally, it uses the standard text area field.  

This article is an explanation if you find this is in your theme because it is not a standard solution.  And it is an overview for me for implementation in the next theme. 


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