One Page plugin released

Because e107 is complex CMS system, there are some links that they always exist. If you want to make One Page site (just with scrolling), you should redirect those links to the Homepage. 

The former version of this plugin redirected everything except excluded pages to the homepage, but this is a better version, the version where you have things under your control.  

New plugin Masthead released

Masthead plugin is the theme plugin for theme developers. It allows more straightforward setting data for the welcome message (for themes with the big header, titles, buttons, and images). It can replace core WMESSAGE functionality and the need for inser

I will write all my new or old bootstrap4 themes in a different way. Just wait for it. I initially planned this plugin as a replacement for limited Welcome message options, but you can use it as a simpler version of JM Element plugin.

Startboostrap themes use Master Head or Masthead area for that big area on the homepage. Only later I found that it has something with Joomla too. So I named this plugin with this name.

Multilanguages sites

Testing available plugins for multilang sites

There are two basic types of multilanguage sites:

  1. only site navigation, titles, etc. are translated, but the main content stays the same. When you click on another language flag, all language strings are translated, but if an article is only in English, it remains in English, and you need manually translate it if you want to read it. For this, you need only to have language files translated.
  2. Site in a different language is like a new site. You create double content etc. You have more options here, and what is "doubled" depends on your Multilanguage Database Tables Settings.


JM Core 1.9 released

New functionality added - block code menu

If you remember blocks in Nuke, it is something like that. You add block code menu, insert your code into textarea field. 

It supports direct change of style for this menu or using ID parameter for tablestyle method.

On this site, it is used for inserting iframe code, for replacing google ads plugin by insert needed script and code via the menu.

Links Page Plugin replaced

I abandoned the Links Page plugin for good. I replaced it with the Web Links plugin. You can see it in action on this site.

Web Links plugin was originally an UnNuke plugin (forked from PhpNuke). Because I use e107 as the backend for my still active UnNuke sites, I decided to create e107 version. If it detects the Links Page plugin is in use, it copies its data to new needed tables.

They removed the Links Page plugin from the official repository too. I removed it from my GitHub account, and you can find it now only in the repository with old plugins.

Metatag plugin

What is different and new in customized version of metatag plugin

If you noticed, I started to customize the great plugin by lonalore with the name Metatag. This plugin is so useful that I had asked a long time ago to add those features to the core. Now I am glad they didn't do it; otherwise, I wouldn't be able to customize it.

Why I customized it? This plugin is for very advanced users. It's not easy to understand how it works. I had a vague idea of what results should be, and when I hit different outputs, I was lost. I need to be sure it works the way it should work before I fully add my solution for canonicals and double content.

Now I finished the first step. To get plugin more understandable and be able to check its results.

So what version 2.2 do?

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