Abantecart Alt Auth Support


This site now use customized Alt Auth plugin to be able accept your shop accounts

Finally! For support, you don't need to create a separate account now on this site. I extended the Alt Auth plugin to accept AbanteCart accounts.  If any problems, let me know. 

Testing Landing Zero 2 theme


What could happen when the theme author forgets how theme works

I have Landing Zero 2 demo online. Somebody reported an issue on android with the original Landing Zero theme (white page on android device). So I checked the same problem with online demo and ups, the same behavior with Landing Zero 2.  

Video about creating e107 theme


How I do e107 theme

I wanted to create video tutorial how to make e107 theme from good HTML theme long time ago.  Problem was that I always spent more time on editing video (adding titles and description) than on theme itself. This way I lost the interest very soon and many of my themes left unfinished.  

While cleaning my repositories I found theme Relive (HTML version) to what I have developer licence so I can give it for free download. It is good opportunity to show power of e107. Or its limits. I don't know yet.

So now I decided for different approach.

I record my work, but I don't do explanation. If you have ask why I did something, just ask on forum.  Don't ask me on gitter, it's for urgent questions, not for discussion. 

See WP version

All serie:  


Welcome new year 2018!


My theme for year 2018 - AppStrap Bootstrap 4 by themelize.me

It's here. The extended licence for some html theme, that is full  with possibilities and its javascript API is written the way I've never seen before. No conflicts, no need to test what plugin is used on what layout etc. 

Now only limit is e107 itself.  This is bootstrap 4 theme, so there will be some workaround , but the lack of new plugins can be limited too. 

I don't know if I do paid themes or if I change this site to some membership club.  But I know that I will focus on this template and plugins to be able to fully using its possibilities.  

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