Oriel Theme - part 04 Fix for 2.3.0


The changes that are important for using this theme for latest 2.3.0. I created separate part because this is needed for all my themes. Mainly for those with HTML layout.

The update is easy.

Use code from the bootstrap3 theme and adjust your theme code.

I left in this video the sync part too. I don’t know if this is a bug, or only it is because I use browser debugger and not developer mode, but I was surprised for the first time. Who likes fatal error just after the update, don’t they?

PS. I added source files after part 3 too.  

New plugin Masthead released


Masthead plugin is the theme plugin for theme developers. It allows more straightforward setting data for the welcome message (for themes with the big header, titles, buttons, and images). It can replace core WMESSAGE functionality and the need for inser

I will write all my new or old bootstrap4 themes in a different way. Just wait for it. I initially planned this plugin as a replacement for limited Welcome message options, but you can use it as a simpler version of JM Element plugin.

Startboostrap themes use Master Head or Masthead area for that big area on the homepage. Only later I found that it has something with Joomla too. So I named this plugin with this name.

List of my themes


I am revising my themes now. Important is that there will be no update for 2.3.0; existing themes will get a new version that is not compatible with the previous one.

I did a list of my themes for an easier decision where to start with the update for version 2.3.

See: https://www.e107sk.com/e107-themes/?cat.300

It is not the complete list, Lava, Vitality, Kindersuprise are missing and some others, but it is too much already.

Oriel Theme - part 03 Homepage layout


How to create new e107 theme from HTML template in e107 2.3. The video tutorial about porting Oriel Theme. For now, it is postponed because of the latest changes in theme development.

Homepage layout  

Just move HTML markup to correct places.

For relative paths to images, use {THEME} shortcode.

Oriel Theme - part 01 - Preparation


How to create new e107 theme from HTML template in e107 2.3. Video serie about porting Oriel Theme

Warning. This is advanced stuff.

Oriel theme is not a bootstrap theme, it is maybe 4 years old (possible jquery issues), so I don't know if it is possible to use it for e107 now. But I have not used the licence and I was able to get permission by the author to use it any way I want.   

This is more about porting that about theme itself. 


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