custom css in my future themes


This is way how I will use custom css in new or updated themes for e107 2.3.X

This article is outdated. It doesn't work this way anymore.

Custom css is inline css inserted directly in some of my themes via Theme preferences. Normally, it uses the standard text area field.  

This article is an explanation if you find this is in your theme because it is not a standard solution.  And it is an overview for me for implementation in the next theme. 


JM Admin plugin 1.1


JM Admin functionality now works with bootstrap3 theme

I like KA admin look. But when you work with large tables, there are issues and I wasn't able to fix them only with css. Not mention that left panel works weird way. 

So JMA version 1.1 gives boostrap3 theme feeling of KA Admin skin.

JM Admin plugin released


JM Admin plugin is a simple plugin for customization of the admin area look.

This functionality was initially been part of the JM Core plugin, but this plugin is used only for the quick fix of some things, and it is not recommended to use on live site.

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