Contact page plugin


Plugin with extended functionality for contact page in bussiness themes.

When SITECONTACTINFO is not enough...

When you build bussiness site...

Just bunch of preferencies you can use in theme.php 

CounterStrike theme for e107 2.1.3


Converted PhpNuke theme for e107 2.1.3.

Converted old table based theme for PhpNuke to e107 2.1.3.  Added responsivity thanks by bootstrap support, replaced flash header with bootstrap carousel. 

Theme is now waiting for update and moved to e107 theme demos. It needs more universal content without info about original site. 

But without interest I need to spend time on something else. Maybe later.

TB Core theme for version 2 (free)


TBCore theme was theme for 1.0.4 = core theme bootstrap. This is just update of this theme for version 2.

This is part of my cleaning of old codes.   I don't use this theme but I can solve issues (and I am sure that there are a lot of them) if you post them on github.

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