PhpMyReservation plugin released

 Jimako    15 Sep 2017 : 18:14
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I published PhpMyReservation plugin on github. It's ported php script by olejon

ReCaptcha plugin updated - version 1.2

 Jimako    09 Sep 2017 : 16:28
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Just cleaning, solved async calling

Posted on (waiting for approval).  Or you can download it from :


 Jimako    22 Jun 2017 : 10:51


Ported clean HTML template for e107 Boostrap CMS

Based on free HTML/Css template from

This template is free for personal and commercial use, please don’t remove the ThemeWagon credit link from this free HTML5 template until you donate to them! Check their licence!

online demo 

Contact page plugin

 Jimako    06 Mar 2017 : 13:42
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Plugin with extended functionality for contact page in bussiness themes.

When SITECONTACTINFO is not enough...

When you build bussiness site...

Just bunch of preferencies you can use in theme.php 

Arabeska theme for e107 2.1.5

 Jimako    23 Feb 2017 : 14:04


Child theme of Agency theme

Example of used Agency theme on live site. 

CounterStrike theme for e107 2.1.3

 Jimako    23 Feb 2017 : 10:25


Converted PhpNuke theme for e107 2.1.3.

Converted old table based theme for PhpNuke to e107 2.1.3.  Added responsivity thanks by bootstrap support, replaced flash header with bootstrap carousel. 

Theme is now waiting for update and moved to e107 theme demos. It needs more universal content without info about original site. 

But without interest I need to spend time on something else. Maybe later.