Where to download e107

Where to download e107
on Tuesday 17 March 2020
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Download latest stable version 2.2.1: 


The problem is that there is already a new version 2.3.0 that changes the way how themes work, so if you want to use our themes or plugins, you need this core version. 

If you are familiar with Github, you can clone the GitHub version:


Or you can download zip version there too: 


Because this is the developer version, it can be a bit risky. I hope they will release the new version soon.

And there are folders you need for single-site too. You can delete:



Because for me it's hard to create and test themes on developer version too (I need to be on the same core version with all my themes), I added the latest e107 GitHub version available for download here.  Because it's should be used for our themes, I deleted LZ and Voux themes in this pack.  Call it version from 17.03.2020  There are no changes in core itself!




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