I know, everybody hates ads. But you dislike to pay for something too. I would like to give everything for free, but it's impossible because costs are too much. If you know how Google ads work, you know how to help. It's on you. I can detect income by country, so... Australia rocks now! Thanks

on Saturday 08 June 2019
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 Except for some code cleaning, there is added new preference:   Excluded pages.

The reason for this is the changes after 24.5.2019 and more strict checks from Google side. 

If you got an email about New violations were detected and your problem is Valuable Inventory: No content, you should add this page to excluded page. For me, it was login.php page. I used the second option how to fix this:  "Remove all Google ad code from this page and wait. Within 7-10 days the page will disappear from the Policy center. Do not request a review."