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Some basic info about this plugin
on Friday 27 July 2018
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Calendar menu or Event Calendar Menu plugin

By jalist with extras from Cameron, McFly, Barry, steved and others

It is fixed for version 2 mainly by Jimako and others.

this is temporarily fix until there is new super modern version of Event plugin. In fact this documentation is more about testing what it did in past, what it does now and what is need to be still fixed.

This plugin includes:

- Calendar menu – it displays month calendar with events (calendar menu display)
- Next event menu – it displays future events (Forthcoming events menu handler for event calendar)

- Calendar (calendar.php) – large calendar display
- Event (event.php) - event listing and event entry
- Subscribe (subscribe.php) - mail subscription to events notification


There is more versions of this plugin for version e107 bootstrap 2:

Official version in e107 github repository
Forked version by lonalore
Forked version by Jimako (this documentation use this one)

and if you updated from version 0.7 or 1.0.4, you will have there old version


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