What are the requirements for the e107 platform?

Check Your Requirements
on Friday 13 July 2018
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From official site:

If e107 is to be your platform, you're going to need to hook yourself up with some basic gear. Here's what we suggest:

A Web-Server (Apache or Microsoft IIS) running PHP v5.4 or higher and MySQL 4.x or 5.x.
FTP access to your webserver and an FTP program such as Filezilla
Username/Password to your MySQL Database

A Linux based Webserver running Apache 2.x, PHP 5.6 or higher (including PHP 7), MySQL 5.0 or higher. (LAMP)
A registered Domain Name
Access to a Server Control Panel (such as cPanel)

Personally tested:
php 5.6 7.0
MariaDB 10

This site is running on Apache, php 7.0.29 and MariaDB 5 at this time.

php < 5.6 has problems with modern plugins
with 7.1 you could have problem string vs arrays
if you use any old plugin (compatible for version 1), you have to use php 5 during update. Those plugins maybe not are compatible with php 7 and you will blame core for it.


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