URL Configuration

on Monday 06 April 2020
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URL configuration

Go to URL configuration in Settings  Option.

Profiles and Profiles Aliases are related to core URLs.

Configurations to plugin URLs (mainly set in e_ulr addon)

Settings are related to all site behaviors. 

1. Profiles

- it replaces legacy URLs with pretty URLs  

Just select the preferred option.

2. Profiles aliases 

It is something like taxonomy slug in Wordpress.  You can set the different alias (slug) for each e107 part of the core and you can them differently for each language.  


3. Configuration

Overview of all available e_url addons.

If there is an option to change the alias, then alias name is editable.

4. Settings


Remove file name from URL -  not clear

Associate Root namespace - if you select page, then page alias is removed from URLs 

Warning: you get 404 look/result for page, not system 404 page

Redirect to System not found page - error.php is displayed directly, not pretty URL. It doesn't work with page root.

SEF string creation type - the most important setting. It uses for generating SEF URL (slug) from for example title. In Admin UI (custom plugin) you can set the source for generating slug.


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