Supported addons directly by core

the list of supported addons from plugin handler - see e_plugin class in handlers/plugin_class.php
on Monday 13 August 2018
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Official info:

'e_meta', /* is not deprecated anymore */
'e_latest', /* @deprecated - see e_dashboard */
'e_status', /* @deprecated - see e_dashboard */
'e_dashboard', // Admin Front-Page addon.
// 'e_userprofile', @deprecated @see e_user
'e_header', // loaded in header prior to javascript manager.
'e_footer', // Loaded in footer prior to javascript manager.
// 'e_userinfo', @deprecated @see e_user
'e_url', // simple mod-rewrite.
'e_sitelink', // sitelinks generator.
'e_tohtml', /* @deprecated - use e_parse */
'e_library', // For third-party libraries are defined by plugins/themes.
'e_output', //hook into all pages at the end (after closing


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