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Solid Theme Introduction on 21 Jun 2020

Solid Theme

Author: Jimako
Author site: https://www.e107sk.com/
Category: Flat corporate theme
Original Solid theme is a 7 pages theme ideal for web agencies and freelancers. 
Uses Font Awesome, Masonry Javascript, PrettyPhoto lightbox and nice hover effects thanks Codrops. 
With e107 it can be multipage site for any purpose.
Source code: https://github.com/Jimmi08/e107-free-themes-by-e107sk/tree/master/solid
Download official release: https://www.e107sk.com/download/72/solid-e107-theme-2-2-0-version-for-e107-2-3-0


Important. This theme is based on the original GPL license from 


by Carlos Alvarez from http://alvarez.is

You can check that original files are used.  

The source for Codrops script is not available anymore.



e107 Core Theme version  Note
2.1.4 Official Release 2.1.1 bootstrap3 - PHP Layouts
2.2.1 Official Release  not available
2.2.2 (2.3.0 GitHub from 17.3.) not available
2.3.0 beta 2.2.0  bootstrap3 - HTML layouts

This is the end of the development and enhancement bootstrap3 version.  If you notice, the original theme has now different license terms too.  

Version 3 is in progress, but it will be completely new theme built on bootstrap4 that just will look as Solid theme. 

Admin UI Title on 13 Jun 2020

 Plugin title for Admin UI

It is done from 2 parts:


and menu caption  


Example how to build your own title that looks similar like core one if you want it a different way for edit mode (if edit mode is not in the menu):

public function __construct($request, $response, $params = array()) {

$action = $_GET['action'];
$this->pluginTitle = _WEBLINKSADMIN;
if($action == 'edit') 
$this->pluginTitle .= ' <span class="fa fa-angle-double-right e-breadcrumb"></span> '._LINKVALIDATION;
parent::__construct($request, $response, $params = array());

Custom plugin preferences on 13 Jun 2020

Retrieve all plugin's preferences:

$plugPrefs = e107::getPlugConfig('your_plugin')->getPref();

for using in class:

private $plugPrefs = array();
$this->plugPrefs = $plugPrefs; 

Another way:

$plugPrefs= e107::pref('your_plugin');

Retrieve single plugin preference:

$perPage = e107::pref('your_plugin', 'your_preference');

Update one preference:

To save new value:

e107::getPlugConfig('your_plugin')->set('your_preference', $addonsList)->save(true);

save(true) - value will be replaced
save(false) - value will be added

empty array:

e107::getPlugConfig('visualbuilder')->set('visualbuilder', array())->save(true);

One Page plugin on 27 May 2020

Because e107 is complex CMS, there are some links that they always exist. If you want to make One Page site (just with scrolling), you should redirect those links to the Homepage.  But sometimes you need at least a contact page or something, so now with this plugin, you can set this behavior only for selected areas.

The former version of this plugin redirected everything except excluded pages to the homepage, but this is a better version, the version where you have things under your control.  


Version 1.0:

Contact Page  Warning! Use this only if you don't use any contact form! It redirects any "contact" in URL too, not only contact.php. If you use contact form on Homepage, by default menu is redirected to contact.php if there is an error.
Comment System Core redirects to yoursite/index.php file. This redirect to SITEURL (no index.php)
Print Page The same problem with double content it print.php doesn't have parameters. If you use it, be sure that there is no print icon in your news/pages used.
Members Only page Link for members-only access always exists, although your site access is not limited.
Who is online Page Link for Online page always exists, although it displays nothing for quests. 
Search page With One page site you will probably need search functionality
Submit News page Always exists with Access denied message for quests
Top Results page Always exists with No results message
User page Always exists with Access denied message for quests. With One Page site, you don't need a user management system.
News Plugin News is the core plugin you can't uninstall. Links always exist.
Page Plugin Book/Chapter/Pages system is inbuilt in the core. Links always exist.
Error Page With 404 error is displayed core 404 page. This redirect the 404 error page to the homepage.



With One Page site you shouldn't:

- use Associate Root namespace, otherwise that part will not work (if you use Page, then Page is not working, with News, News redirection is not working)

and you should:

- use Redirect to System not found page, otherwise, Error redirection will not work.

How does it work?

It checks at the first e_PAGE variable.  If news, pages or contact is activated, then it checks "news", "page" and "contact" vs actual URL.

2017 - 2019 Themes only for e107 2.2 on 21 May 2020

Themes built for e107 2.2

 I don't mind updating those themes but I don't know who uses it. They should be still work in 2.3, but my priority are other themes.  They are on the separate list because I can support or fix them on forum .demand.

They will stay on e107.org and on GitHub, but I will remove demo, download, news and any related stuff.

2017/04 Preview Responsive Min

Black N White Theme


No information that this theme is used by somebody. 

Created: 06/2017 Last check: 11/2017

2017/05 Rideblue2

RideBlue2 Theme


Updated 0.7 theme

Last check: 07/2017

2018/01 Preview Frontend

Nightvision 2 theme


Updated 0.7 theme

Last check: 01/2018

2018/02 Preview Khatru

Khatru Theme

posted on e107.org

Updated 0.7 theme

Last check: 06/2018

2018/04 Relive Theme

Relive Bootstrap 3


2019/01 Cod Ghost01

Call of Duty: Ghosts


2019/04 E107 Theme Infadeblack00

InfadeBlack Theme


Updated 0.7 theme

2019/03 Preview Skyapp

SkyApp Bootstrap3 Theme

2017 - 2020 Custom themes on 21 May 2020

My custom themes

 Those themes will be added to showcases. Sometimes. 

2018/06 Rokjakozadnyjiny



Cayman Theme


Cayman theme

2019/16 Preview Medium

Sommerbrise Theme

Created: October 2019

Ported theme from efiction CMS for the site that combines e107 + efiction scripts. 


Hpkizi Theme

Ported Nuke theme used on this site

created: April 2020

2017/02 Preview


First bootstrap4 theme for e107. Extended license. 

Created: 01/2017
Last check: 12/2018 

DNG Theme

Created: 09/2018
2019/03 Arabeska

Martik Theme

Created: 05/2019

2019 Premium Themes on 21 May 2020

Themes that will be updated after official release[...]

 If there is now any problem, you need to report it.


 Preview Responsive

Hestia Premium Theme


Preview Responsive

Gaia Premium Theme

2019/06 Preview Default

Landing Zero 2

More information [in progress]
2019/10 Openmind2019


Created: 2019/01

Developed from e107World theme

Masthead plugin - how to use it for video header on 18 May 2020

Testing for the sass landing page in mdbootstrap free templates (I can't find link to online demo, but it is part of free templates by mdbootstrap)

Just use any free text field for video URL and use its shortcode in the template.

Used video from LZ2 theme.

 $MASTHEAD_TEMPLATE['mdbootstrap']['element'] = '
<!-- Full Page Intro -->
<div class="view full-page-intro">
<!--Video source-->
<video class="video-intro" autoplay loop muted>
<source src="{BUTTON_LINK}" type="video/mp4" />
<!-- Mask & flexbox options-->
<div class="mask rgba-blue-light d-flex justify-content-center align-items-center">
<!-- Content -->
<div class="container">
<!--Grid row-->
<div class="row d-flex h-100 justify-content-center align-items-center wow fadeIn">
<!--Grid column-->
<div class="col-md-6 mb-4 white-text text-center text-md-left">
<h1 class="display-4 font-weight-bold">{MASTHEAD_HEADING}</h1>
<hr class="hr-light">
<p class="mb-4 d-none d-md-block">
<a target="_blank" href="{BUTTON_LINK_LEFT}" class="btn btn-outline-white">{BUTTON_TEXT_LEFT}
<i class="fas fa-graduation-cap ml-2"></i>
<a target="_blank" href="{BUTTON_LINK_RIGHT}" class="btn btn-outline-white">{BUTTON_TEXT_RIGHT}
<i class="fas fa-download ml-2"></i>
<!--Grid column-->
<!--Grid column-->
<div class="col-md-6 col-xl-5 mb-4">
<img src="{IMAGE_01}" alt="{MASTHEAD_HEADING}" class="img-fluid">
<!--Grid column-->
<!--Grid row-->
<!-- Content -->
<!-- Mask & flexbox options-->
<!-- Full Page Intro -->


Source on 18 May 2020

The actual version of those plugins is on Github, but don't use it. You were warned. 


Those plugins are used by this site.  

Masthead plugin is available only in the download section on this site. 

2016 - 2019 Outdated or not supported version on 18 May 2020

  2. 2019/07

Bootstrap 4 

replaced with core bootstrap4 version or pure theme

This theme wasn't officially released,

1. [it should be replaced with version 2 without back compatibility] 2019/05




available on Github for now

This theme wasn't officially released, but latest version on GitHub is 1.3.0

1.  2017/01 Agency

Agency theme 

available on Github [e107Inc account]

replaced with agency2 theme

latest version 2.0.2

e107 2.1.7


2. 2017/01 Arabeska

not available anymore, this site uses martik theme now

3. 2017/03 Preview Default

replaced with landingzero2 theme

4. [it should be replaced with version 3 without back compatibility] 2017/06 Preview Responsive

Agency2 version 2

available on Github


latest version 2.0.1

e107 2.2.1


2017/07 WB0F66100

custom theme

maintained by e107Inc

1. [it should be replaced with version 3 without back compatibility] 2016/01 Preview Responsive

Solid version 2 

available on Github

latest version 2.2.0

e107 2.3.0


2. 2016/02 Tbcore Theme For Version 2

Core version 2

available on Github

latest version 2.1.0

e107 2.1.4

legacy + bootstrap3

3. 2016/03 Counterstrike


available on Github

latest version 2.0

e107 2.0.2

legacy + bootstrap3

4. [it should be replaced with version 5 without back compatibility] 2016/04 Preview

Freelancer version 2

available on Github

latest version 4.1.0

e107 2.3.0

bootstrap 4

5.  2016/05

e107World theme

replaced by OpenMind theme

2019/05 Creative Boostrap4 on 18 May 2020

In development

Author: Jimako
Author site: https://www.e107sk.com/
Category: business
Description: Free multipage portfolio theme based on one-page Freelancer portfolio theme created by Start Bootstrap
Demo:  https://startbootstrap.com/themes/creative/
Source code: https://github.com/Jimmi08/e107-free-themes-by-e107sk/tree/master/creative
Needed core plugins: -
Needed Non Core Plugins:  jmcore, jmelements, jmtheme
License: e107 GPL, Startbootstrap part MIT



e107 Core Theme version  Note
2.2.1 Official Release   not available
2.2.2 (2.3.0 GitHub from 17.3.) 1.2.0 
2.3.0 beta in progress

2020 Default Bootstrap 4 Themes Pack on 18 May 2020

Default Bootstrap 4 Themes collection for 2.3.0

Those themes are either the completely new version of already existing themes or new bootstrap4 themes.  There will be no back compatibility with older versions!

I call this default bootstrap pack. All themes here are built the same way, with the same plugins, theme shortcodes and in the same way (or workarounds). 

And mainly, only one documentation is needed in this way.  It should save me time with futures themes.

I have fully covered:

- main navigation

- master header

2017/06 Preview Responsive Agency2
2016/01 Preview Responsive Solid
2016/04 Preview Freelancer


2019/05 Creative Creative

2020/05 Pure Pure

ID field on 18 May 2020

Display ID field:

I don't remember that I had to set displaying this field, but it is not displayed by default now (generated by Plugin builder). You need to add "force" parameter to display it.

'uid' => array ( 'title' => LAN_ID, 'data' => 'int', 'forced'=> TRUE, 'readonly'=>TRUE),

How to rid favicon and use new way on 17 May 2020

 At first, you need to delete favicon.ico file from your root. And check if there is no one in the theme folder.

Then add to your theme class:

e107::link(array('rel'=>"title icon", "type"=>"image/png", "href" => THEME_ABS."images/title-img.png"));
e107::link(array('rel'=>"title icon", "type"=>"image/png", "href" => SITEURL.e_THEME."pure/images/title-img.png"));

Masthead plugin on 16 May 2020

Some examples of how to use it.

The simplified version of JM Element plugin for all future business themes (with big header on homepage)

Very simple admin area.  If I found the main header that needs more fields, it is easy to add it. There will be a new version then. For now, I tested it with all my bootstrap4 themes and it was enough.


Just set code (mode) and template. 


Add needed values. There are prepared shortcodes for 4 titles, 3 images and 3 buttons.




There are prepared demo data in the pack, but this content will come with the theme itself. There are examples for templates too, but again, it should be part of the theme.

There is only one global shortcode with 2 parameters: mode and template. If the template is not set, mode name is used.

There is no menu because you should use this shortcode in HTML layout for homepage. If needed, it can be inserted anywhere and with shortcode menu used in Menu manager too.

Some snippets:

How to replace core welcome message in theme:

function sc_wmessage()
if(e107::isInstalled('masthead')) {
$text = '{MASTHEAD: mode='.$this->sitetheme.'}'; 
$wmessage = e107::getParser()->parseTemplate($text); 
if(e_DEBUG && $wmessage == '' ) { 
e107::getMessage()->addError('{MASTHEAD: mode='.$this->sitetheme.'&template=agency} is empty. Check if record with this code exists');
return $wmessage;
return e107::getMessage()->add('Missing plugin!')->render();

How to use some background image:

$MASTHEAD_TEMPLATE['creative']['element'] = '
<header class="masthead" style="background-image: url({IMAGE_BG}) ">
<div class="container h-100">
<div class="row h-100 align-items-center justify-content-center text-center" >
<div class="col-lg-10 align-self-end">
<h1 class="text-uppercase text-white font-weight-bold">{MASTHEAD_HEADING}</h1>
<hr class="divider my-4" />
<div class="col-lg-8 align-self-baseline">
<p class="text-white-75 font-weight-light mb-5">{MASTHEAD_SUBHEADING}</p>
<a class="btn btn-primary btn-xl js-scroll-trigger" href="{BUTTON_LINK}">{BUTTON_TEXT}</a>

How to use agency data with different template:

{MASTHEAD: mode=agency2&template=solid}

Warning:  This plugin is no replacement for JM ELements. With JME your options are not limited. This is just a solution for how to create free themes and not be limited with the core.

Core caching on 14 May 2020

 Just some

'newsarchive' _caption,_title,_diz,_rows

Retrieve Cache on 14 May 2020

Example (from shortcode):

$e107cache = e107::getCache();

if($cacheData = $e107cache->retrieve('your_code'))
return $cacheData;

$cache_data = '';

$cache_data = $text;

$e107cache->set('your_code', $cache_data);
return $cache_data;


define('LW_CACHE_TAG', 'nomd5_linkwords');

if(LW_CACHE_ENABLE && ($temp = e107::getCache()->retrieve_sys(LW_CACHE_TAG))) {}

if(!vartrue($temp)) // Either cache disabled, or no info in cache (or error reading/processing cache)


Delete cache in Admin UI on 14 May 2020


public function afterUpdate($new_data, $old_data, $id)


define('LW_CACHE_TAG', 'nomd5_linkwords');

public function afterCreate($new_data, $old_data, $id)
// do something

public function afterUpdate($new_data, $old_data, $id)
// do something

public function afterDelete($deleted_data, $id, $deleted_check)


2016/04 Freelancer [4] on 10 May 2020

2020/02 Cadet Maw Theme [39] on 10 May 2020

User demand to fix old theme by Maw

 Created: March 2020

Not finished, user moved to WP


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