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on Wednesday 24 July 2019
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This Premium Theme Pack comes with a license "ONE TIME USAGE" and the license is valid for life until you don't breach licence terms. This kind of license offers you the right to use this Premium Theme on a single site only. If you need to use the same theme on more sites at the same time, you must buy a "ONE TIME USAGE" license for every site. If you need to buy more licenses at once for the same theme, please contact me for a discount. 

If you want to use this theme to develop your own themes, you need a "Developer" commercial license, so contact me. But my recommendation is to buy your own Creative Tim license to have access to sass files too and be sure you don't breach their licence terms.

This Premium Theme Pack is considered as the End Product in terms of developer licence of the original UI KIT. 

The Premium Theme Pack consists of:

- e107 theme code (mainly PHP and HTML code) - this code is shared under GPL licence. You can use it for learning purposes.

- Creative Tim assets (mainly js, CSS and images) - this part is under "ONE TIME USAGE" or personal licence. 

- Custom plugins for this theme -  this part is under "ONE TIME USAGE" until you are not the premium member or it is not be defined different way after personal agreement. 


You are authorized to make necessary modification(s) to this theme to fit your purposes. You are not authorized to send the theme to the other person to make necessary modification(s). If you need my support on this, you can contact me by email, this is a paid service and is not included in the theme price.

Because this theme is based on Creative Tim product, check their developer licence too: