Introduction to Plugins

on Tuesday 28 April 2020
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Introduction to Plugins

There are two types of plugins that are available for use with e107. There are core plugins and non-core plugins. The biggest difference between the two types is that core plugins are created by members of the development team and as such are packaged with e107. Non-core plugins are created by other developers who
found a need, developed the plugin, and then uploaded it for others to use. This is one of the greatest assets of open-source software.

The site for all e107 plugins is at https://www.e107.org. This is the official repository; however, I would caution you to go to the developer's website before downloading and installing non-core plugins, as often developers are not quick to post updates to the https://www.e107.org site.

With GitHub and version 2 there are some core plugins (available with the developer GitHub version) that are not packed with the official release.  For example Alternative Authentication, FAQs and maybe others.


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