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How to use Webticker

on Monday 12 August 2019
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JM Elements 2.3 version is fully compatible with OpenMind theme version 2.

How to use Webticker?

1. via the webticker menu

- then selecting openmind template is mandatory

- if you place menu at the top of menu area n2, then you need remove <section></section> tag from layout_homepage template (all sections have bottom padding 40px, so there is space under featurebox).

2. via shortcode

only place shortcode to file layout-homepage.php 

{WEBTICKER: template=openmind}
</section> <!-- carousel -->


Click on image to see the full picture.

If you need those colours, you need to add this css to your style_custom.css.  !important is required to use because webticker css is loaded in the footer (to load it only if menu or shortcode are used).

/* TICKER */
.ticker {
background: #5400ab!important;
.ticker .container:before {
background-color: #cc0261!important;
.ticker-title {
background-color: #cc0261!important;
.ticker-title:before {
border-bottom: 40px solid #cc0261!important;