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How to use Home 2 as Frontpage

This wasn't fully clear from the description above
on Saturday 10 August 2019
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 You can use this if you want those elements from Home 2 on your Frontpage without changing Frontpage settings.

You can either:

- look at page template used for Home 2 or just use elements images

1. changing 4 normal boxes for coloured boxes

- copy shortcode for those boxes

{ELEMENTS: mode=features&template=features}

- go to Menu Manager, select Homepage layout and edit first shortcode menu.

Instead {ELEMENTS: mode=mindfeatures&template=mindfeatures}  use {ELEMENTS: mode=features&template=features}

2. add the service element 

- copy shortcode for those services

{ELEMENTS: mode=services&template=services}

Then either replace 2 boxes element shortcode in shortcode_menu or add new shortcode_menu and insert this shortcode there.