How to upgrade to version 2.1.

How to update from 2.0 to 2.1 with theme packs with 2.0 version
on Friday 27 September 2019
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Important.  You don't need to do this if your theme pack still works.  But our demos use this plugin version and if you are switching between more of our themes, you will need the same version of this plugin. 

IMPORTANT.  With the version 2.1.4 you don't need to move options to jmtheme folder and with themes without theme.html it looks in layouts folder. Documentation was updated.

There are 2 main changes in version 2.1:

-  database changes (removed not needed fields and moved important fields from options to separate fields)

-  the solution to work with both theme versions (HTML and PHP layouts).

Normally update would be managed by the plugin itself, but themes should be updated too then. It's not possible if you already customized them.  So now version 2.1 can manage old themes too.

Before update:

-  backup your layouts.  The best way is exporting them as XML file. You can do this 2 ways. In Database/Tools, Export data option and select table jmlayout.  Or directly in plugin by checking all layouts and use batch option Export records.



Update files:

- upload the new version. It's recommended to delete folder content and upload the new one. 


Go to the admin area:

you should get a notice about the needed update.  It should be run twice times.  The first time database change is done, the second time values are moved. 


Go to plugin admin area:

You should see the new fields there.


Your site should work without any problems.

With old themes, you can change header and footer in 2 places. Changing in layout option is deprecated.

Possible issues:

1. neverending update  (it wasn't able to update tables)

Go to Database / Tools, option SQL Verification, check jmtheme plugin and run verify.


- check result and manually fix visible errors


- this should correct result:


2. if you don't see new field columns there

just click on Options and select them manually. Don't forget to press Save button. This happens if you already played with columns layout.


3. your header or footer is missing on Frontend. 

This shouldn't happen.  The only case could be if you used your own settings with the wrong file names. 

Just resave layout - edit, select header and footer and save.  

With old themes values from Layouts is used in theme layout, but there should the same value as in configuration.

If any other problem, contact us.



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