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How to set / change Frontpage content

What are options for Homepage content

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This is a bit tricky. Normally a client selects from HTML theme and one homepage is prepared. With zip version, there are more options.

1. homepage layout

any page with this layout will have this look

the layout is hardcoded in layout_homepage.php file. There is always:

- Featurebox

- the content itself (result depends on what is set as Frontpage)

- the menu for variable content (MenuArea 2) under Featurebox

- news section with
theme shortcodes

- menu for variable content (MenuArea 4) under Featurebox

in demo Features and 2 columns news element are used in area2. By moving the menu to a different area you can reorder those items. You can use any elements in those 2 menu areas...

2. custom page template

Demo Home 2 is built as the page with the template Openmind Home 2 template.

The content of this template are only 2 elements (coloured features and services icons)

Combination of homepage layout + set this page as Frontpage you can get the new fully prepared homepage with the new look.

Or you can replace elements in the menu above to have the same result, but for demo purpose, it has to be the new page with the new template.

Any content itself of this page is ignored.

3. default page template + homepage layout

Elements example page is the next option. It uses the default template, so the content of this page is displayed.

If you set this page as Frontpage with homepage layout, you can create content directly on the page.

This is not common, so this page is most for examples of shortcodes used for available elements.

The same result you can get with welcome message shortcode.

Welcome message

The welcome message is by default removed from homepage layout. You can add it without code changing this way:

- add shortcode menu to menu area 2 on homepage layout

- use
as content for this menu and set id as jumbotron

If this is needed, special tablestyle for WM can be added