How OpenMind theme footer works

How theme footer works
on Sunday 11 August 2019
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This theme is very simple (in meaning that most of the changes are done by css, not by special css classes).

In version 2.1.1 are available 2 footers:

- default - 3 columns with full row copyright

- simple - only full row copyright

It's very easy to add new footer if it's needed. Just ask.

Each layout can have a different footer. Just select the layout in JMT plugin and then select footer from the dropdown box.


There are prepared 3 menu areas. If the footers for all layouts have the same content, set menus only for the default layout.

It's very easy to suppress this behaviour if it's needed. Just ask.

Navigation links in footer.

There are prepared 2 templates for footer links. 3 columns links or single column links. By default footer, link category is used, but it can be changed very easy.

- default footer areas use shortcode menu with those values:


Recent news in footer.

For news in the footer is news grid menu used. Only important thing is to set footer-recent-news template.


Full Default Footer:



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