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URL Configuration on 06 Apr 2020

URL configuration

Go to URL configuration in Settings  Option.

Profiles and Profiles Aliases are related to core URLs.

Configurations to plugin URLs (mainly set in e_ulr addon)

Settings are related to all site behaviors. 

1. Profiles

- it replaces legacy URLs with pretty URLs  

Just select the preferred option.

2. Profiles aliases 

It is something like taxonomy slug in Wordpress.  You can set the different alias (slug) for each e107 part of the core and you can them differently for each language.  


3. Configuration

Overview of all available e_url addons.

If there is an option to change the alias, then alias name is editable.

4. Settings


Remove file name from URL -  not clear

Associate Root namespace - if you select page, then page alias is removed from URLs 

Warning: you get 404 look/result for page, not system 404 page

Redirect to System not found page - error.php is displayed directly, not pretty URL. It doesn't work with page root.

SEF string creation type - the most important setting. It uses for generating SEF URL (slug) from for example title. In Admin UI (custom plugin) you can set the source for generating slug.

Where to download e107 on 17 Mar 2020

Where to download e107

Download latest stable version 2.2.1: 


The problem is that there is already a new version 2.3.0 that changes the way how themes work, so if you want to use our themes or plugins, you need this core version. 

If you are familiar with Github, you can clone the GitHub version:


Or you can download zip version there too: 


Because this is the developer version, it can be a bit risky. I hope they will release the new version soon.

And there are folders you need for single-site too. You can delete:



Because for me it's hard to create and test themes on developer version too (I need to be on the same core version with all my themes), I added the latest e107 GitHub version available for download here.  Because it's should be used for our themes, I deleted LZ and Voux themes in this pack.  Call it version from 17.03.2020  There are no changes in core itself!



Search setting on 25 Oct 2019

Moved from the forum discussion

Go to Preferencies and Look for Search Option.

2018 06 04 9 43 11

Each part of system that can be searched has its own setting.  Just set Userclass to Everybody or other.  

Note: sometime it needs just to resave afte e107 installation

2018 06 04 9 44 03

Then you can set each part differently:  

2018 06 04 9 45 26

e107 installation step by step on 11 Oct 2019

How to install e107 on xampp

Click on image to see bigger picture

e107 installation is easy, and it should take 5-10 minutes. The only difference with the live server is that you need to upload files via FTP to your server and in most case you have already database created. Of course, it depends on your server. 

Before installation 

  1. download stable version from e107.org
  2. unzip it and copy folder e107_2.2.1_full (example) to your htdocs folder 
  3. rename it to your desired folder (if you didn't do it before already)
  4. navigate to your localhost and select folder in your browser (either by writing URL or with Xampp control panel).  
  5. you will see the installation window

Installation itself

1. step  - choose the language. With the new installation only English is available.  


2. step - set you database connection

Installation Step02

3. step - confirmation that your database connection is alright (f.e the database was successfully created)


4. step - confirmation that your server requirements are OK 


5. step  - set your mainadmin account

Installation Step05

6. step - set basic info about your site. Set bootstrap3 as your default theme


7. step - last confirmation that everything os OK and you installation can start


8. step successfully installation


C. After installation

Log in to admin area to see if everything works.

Delete install.php file from your folder. Otherwise, you will see this warning.


Favicon on 10 Sep 2019

Where to place your site favicon

If you don't know what Favicon is and what is good for, just use google to find this :)

Favicon in e107:

The header script is looking for the favicon in this order:

1. inside theme folder 

2. inside base folder

The automatically inserted favicon should have a name:


If you need to insert more favicons, you can use meta tags field in main preferences.

What are the requirements for the e107 platform? on 13 Jul 2018

Check Your Requirements

Information from official site and settings on this site (because the newest e107 is tested here) From official site:

If e107 is to be your platform, you're going to need to hook yourself up with some basic gear. Here's what we suggest:

A Web-Server (Apache or Microsoft IIS) running PHP v5.4 or higher and MySQL 4.x or 5.x.
FTP access to your webserver and an FTP program such as Filezilla
Username/Password to your MySQL Database

A Linux based Webserver running Apache 2.x, PHP 5.6 or higher (including PHP 7), MySQL 5.0 or higher. (LAMP)
A registered Domain Name
Access to a Server Control Panel (such as cPanel)

Personally tested:
php 5.6 7.0
MariaDB 10

This site is running on Apache, php 7.0.29 and MariaDB 5 at this time.

php < 5.6 has problems with modern plugins
with 7.1 you could have problem string vs arrays
if you use any old plugin (compatible for version 1), you have to use php 5 during update. Those plugins maybe not are compatible with php 7 and you will blame core for it.

A Brief History Of e107 on 10 Jul 2018

Copy from wiki

I've never kept a journal or list of dates corresponding to e107's evolution, so all of the following is recounted from memory and is probably full of chronological errors

In late 1998, I coded and opened a website called Litestep2000 related to the Windows shell replacement Litestep. The site got fairly popular and a few months later became ls2k.org, when it moved to a php enabled server and I started my first tentative steps into scripting. After about 18 months of coding and maintaining this site, I was offered the chance by the then main admin c0mrade to take over the main Litestep theme site, litestep.net. I coded the site and I'm proud to say it continued to grow in popularity while I, DeViLbOi and jugg were at the helm.

Due to running such a busy site, I was always getting requests for site code, ot portions of the code we used on litestep.net from other members of the Litestep community, but due to time restraints and real life, I was very rarely able to help, so I set about taking some of the code from litestep.net and ls2k.org and turning it into a more modular and distributable codebase.

Over the space of a couple of months, websites (mainly Litestep and shell related) started popping up, and feature requests started coming in, so I decided to get a domain and give the code a name. I settled on e107 as it was turning out to be my seventh main project, and I purchased e107.org and set up a small e107 powered website there.

The site opened in July 2002, and e107 was a couple of months old at that stage, and at version 2.1. I continued to code and release revisions until 5.4 when I decided on a version numbering change, and the next version released was 0.6, which saw a major revamp of the code. At this time new versions and revisions were coming out on almost a daily basis (imagine that )

I was still maintaining the e107 codebase alone, but accepting contributions from users, notably McFly, Lolo_Irie, Cameron and a few others, but with version 0.612 I decided to ask a few of these contributors to join a newly formed development team, consisting of McFly, chavo, Cameron and Lolo_Irie, and myself. I was proud that these people accepting places as not only are they good coders, they were all good people as well (and still are )

A couple of versions later, I decided to take a step back from the development side of e107, as maintaining what had in a short period become a quite popular system had taken it's toll on my real life, and I was not only tired but having to deal with the regular attacks on e107.org. The development team have continued to release new versions (at the time of writing e107 stands at v0.617) and make improvements and refine the e107 core.

I started tentative development of a new system in March 2004, codenamed nostromo. This isn't intended to replace e107 and will probably never see the light of day due to real life issues (again pfft). This code, or at least the site it produces, can be seen at my personal site jalist.com.

So there we have it, e107, due mainly to the work of the dev team, plugin coders and the people who selflessly and mostly thanklessly man the forums with support for less experienced users, has come a very long way in it's first two years of life, and hopefully will continue to grow for the next two years and beyond - my sincerest thanks to everyone that has contributed in even the smallest way.

jalist, August 2004

How to install e107 CMS on Ubuntu 14.04 on 10 Jul 2018

Tutorial made by rosehosting.com


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