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what elements in theme.xml mean
on Friday 17 April 2020
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updated for version 2.3,0

See the new Bootstrap 4 theme.

Version 2 Description
<e107Theme name="Bootstrap 4" define the theme name
<e107Theme version="1.0" define the theme name
<e107Theme date="2018-06-24" define the theme date
<e107Theme compatibility="2.2.1" define the theme compatibility
<e107Theme livedemo='http://e107.org' Link to live demo
<author name ="e107" define the theme author
<author email="..." define email contact to the theme author
<author url="..." define the theme author website

Сategory used on e107.org. Allowed categories: generic, adult, blog, clan, children, corporate, forum, 

gaming, gallery, news, social, video, multimedia.

<plugins></plugins> List of plugins you can install directly from Theme manager. System checks if they are installed or not. If your theme needs some core or non-core plugins.
<stylesheets></stylesheets> If your theme has more css for color settings (with boostrap it’s easy), you can switch between them in theme manager
<layouts></layouts> Available layouts that you can define layout html files inside layouts folder. You can set pages with this layout, default layout and menus for this layout (you can set them in Menu manager too)
<libraries></libraries> The prefered way how to use libraries in theme now. Defining of bootstrap and font awesome constants is not recommended.
<glyphicons></glyphicons> Load different icon set in theme
<themePrefs></themePrefs> Default values for theme prefs. Theme prefs are defined in theme_config.php file.


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