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Default directories are possible to override in the config file using directory code + "_DIRECT[...] Find more about: e107 Directory Constants
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Global JM Theme shortcodes. Used mainly for layouts and plugin templates in theme itself Find more about: JM Theme Plugin
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Featurebox Shortcodes (Plugin/Global) + Featurebox Item (e_model ) + Featurebox Category (e_model ) Find more about: Featurebox
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All comments are manager by comment handler, so there is no need to use them. Just for inspiration. Find more about: Comment shortcodes
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Download shortcodes (plugin/plugin_shortcodes) Find more about: Download shortcodes
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Path: e107_core/shortcodes/batch
List updated 29.1.2017,  examples from 07/2014

Find more about: News Shortcodes (Core/Batch)
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core/shortcodes/contact_shortcodes.php Find more about: Contact Shortcodes
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For the security reasons all media and system informations are saved in unigue subfolders under medi[...] Find more about: Hashed names for media and system folders