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Hashed names for media and system folders on 26 Jul 2018

About hashed names for media and system folders

For the security reasons all media and system informations are saved in unigue subfolders under medi[...] For security reasons, all media and system information are saved in unique subfolders under media and system repositories.

The subfolder name is hashed combination of database name and prefix.

How I find what subfolder is used for my site?

via FTP look inside e107_media folder


but with multisite or after reinstalling with new database name it can be harder:


So if you have there more than one folder, go to Admin area, Preferences, File Uploading setting, and last info is about your media folder:


What to do after changing the database name or prefix?

A. you need to find what is your new folder and move the content of the old folder to it (media and system folder)


B. you can tell (make) the e107 system to use hash folder set by you

add to config file:

$E107_CONFIG['site_path'] = 'myoldhash';



If your images are missing and only placeholders are displayed:
- check hash folder
- check htaccess
- clear cache

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