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e107 Theme based by Freelancer theme by StartBootstrap

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Welcome message on 10 Jun 2019

Fully managed by the standard e107 engine. 

Just go to Welcome message and change needed text.



Supported Single Pages on 11 Jun 2019

How it should look if you have installed the correct version

Signup page + coppa

changed from version 3.3

the new layout was added 




Forgotten password page


Supported plugins on 16 Jun 2019

Most of the plugins are supported out of the box. [...]

Only problem is when core template was not updated for Bootstrap 4.


- only forum view template is used. New look:


To improve this we need feedback or see real example of it's using.  


It works out of the box. No custom templates. Any problem has to be reported. 



Right sidebar layout has 2 menu areas with style cardmenu and style listgroup.   

You can set in theme preferences if use the card look or not. Without it, menus are not bordered. 

Listgroup is special style for listgroup bootstrap markup (there is different markup and look, not standard ul/li list).

There is the test if this style is used and the menu is the list in tablestyle(). If not, it's manually changed to cardmenu style. In new version, menu will have attribute if it's a list or not and this manual part will be replaced and done automatically.

To avoid rewriting of menu HTML markup (templating) CSS way was used  (this was changed to have the same solution as core bootstrap4 theme.)

Profile Image on 10 Jun 2019

Fully managed by the standard e107 engine. 

Go to Theme preferencies and use Media Manager for changing default image. If nothing is selected, image from install folder is used. 

If you need to change this, see theme shortcodes and find {PROFILEIMAGE}



Porfolio on 16 Jun 2019

Portfolio uses Chapter Menus system

Just select the page with chapter portfolio and edit what you need.



Pagination is styled by theme template from version 3.2

It should look like this:


History of Freelancer on 09 Jun 2019

History of Freelancer:

Freelancer theme for e107 is originally based on free Onepage HTML version from startbootstrap.com. This template has the same name Freelancer (Freelancer is a one page Bootstrap portfolio theme for freelancers.)

You can see and compare HTML demo here: https://startbootstrap.com/themes/freelancer/

Demo of e107 version 2.0.3 is here: https://themes.e107.org/freelancer/

It was ported and customized for version 2.1.5 two years ago. Customization changed one page HTML template to multi-page version so you can fully use advantages of e107. It was thanks combination of one-page scrolling with standalone pages. Last stable version with bootstrap 3 is version 2.0.4 tested with version 2.1.9 (2.2.0 git).

Features of Freelancer 2.0.4:

  • using Boostrap 3.3.7 version (core version)
  • custom short-codes for contact form (form and fields)
  • modal portfolio template using book/chapter/page system to display page(portfolio) item in modal window
  • custom short-code for social icons
  • custom short-code for profile image
  • demo content available, therefore just use it during theme installation
  • it has 3 different layouts (home, sidebar and full)
  • it works without additional plugin.

Features of Freelancer 3:

  • using Boostrap  4 version (core version)
  • replaced custom solution for contact form with standard contact menu. Recaptcha is now available.
  • replaced featurebox for Portfolio with Chapter/Pages system
  • custom short-code for social icons
  • custom short-code for profile image
  • demo content available, therefore just use it during theme installation
  • it has 3 different layouts (home, sidebar and full)
  • it works without additional plugin.

Future of Freelancer on 16 Jun 2019

For now, this theme is used mainly for testing limitation of the e107 core with Bootstrap 4.  If there is something wrong, we need to know.

Together with this theme are core bootstrap4 and new theme developed. All for 2.2.1 with some workarounds.  Any update of this theme will fix some things or add new functionality. 

There are a lot of new features for theme developing already in Github version of the core. And new ones are coming.  They are so big and so "life-changing" that after release new stable version there will be Freelancer version 5.  

After this, there are plans for a new theme based on this because with sass version it's really easy to make new ones.  Or extend theme preferences. 

Everything depends on feedback and user support.  

Freelancer Style Guide on 03 May 2020

Freelance 4.1.0 StyleGuide:


e107 - generated by core

other parts just bootstrap 4 markup

Freelancer Overview on 10 May 2020

Updated for 2.3.0 beta

Author: Jimako
Author site: https://www.e107sk.com/
Description: Free multipage portfolio theme based on one-page Freelancer portfolio theme created by Start Bootstrap
Source code: https://github.com/Jimmi08/e107-free-themes-by-e107sk/tree/master/freelancer


Documentation:   https://www.e107sk.com/e107-themes/startbootstrap-templates-e107-bootstrap-freelancer-theme/?cat.192
Needed Core Plugins: 


Needed Non Core Plugins: 



e107 GPL, Startbootstrap part MIT


e107 Core Theme version  Note
2.2.1 Official Release  4.0.1
2.2.2 (2.3.0 GitHub from 17.3.) 4.0.1 
2.3.0 beta 4.1.0


Featurebox on 13 Jun 2019

Using Featurebox on the homepage

This theme has support for the standard bootstrap carousel (see the bootstrap4 theme)  but it's not displayed by default. 

For now, using FB instead welcome image has to be changed manually. 

Open homepage_layout.php (.html in future) and remove header part:

<header class="masthead bg-primary text-white text-center">
<div class="container d-flex align-items-center flex-column">

Note: there could be a different code between header tags to have the possibility to use the independent welcome message in the future.

Replace it by


Go to the Menu manager and add Featurebox menu to Menu area 1.

Import demo content

There is prepared demo content from boostrap4 theme. 

Go to Database/Tools. Select Import data option. Find the path to install folder inside this theme and import file custom/featurebox_install.xml


About me Section on 10 Jun 2019

Fully managed by the standard e107 engine. 

This section is hardcoded in homepage layout using the shortcode:  {CMENU=freelancer-about-1}

It could be easy replaced by menu area and Menu manager. 

How to change content?

Go to Pages/Menus, Option Menu List, search for title About.  In option Overview you can search directly for menu name freelancer-about-1. 

Click on Menu tab.  What fields are used you can find in menu template with key about. 

if you don't set custom url, link to this page will be used.




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