e107 Admin Tools

e107 Admin Tools

Database: Scan plugin directories

Use this tool to make sure your plugins are working correctly in the database and that the install went smoothly.

It will tell you if a plugin is installed or not and any errors that are present.

This is needed too when new addons are added to the new plugin version.

Normally addon list is generated during installation, but with the update is safer to use this tool. You can find your plugin in the list and check if all the needed addons are there.


Running the scan generates a list:


It says to you:

- if the plugin is installed

- if the plugin uses an outdated addon 

- if there is an error (there is help: If an addon shows an error, check for characters outside the PHP opening/closing tags.)

Old shortcodes (.sc) and old bbcodes (.bb) are not checked.

Database: Sync with Github

Overwrite local files with the latest from github.

File Inspector

File Inspector scans and analyses the files on your site's server. When File Inspector encounters an e107 core file, it checks it for file consistency to make sure it isn't corrupted
The additional string matching tool (developer mode only) enables you to scan the files on your server for text strings using regular expressions. The regex engine in use is PHP's PCRE (the preg_* functions), so enter your query as #pattern#modifiers in the fields provided.

About Maintenance

If you are upgrading e107 or just need your site to be offline for a while just tick the maintenance box and your visitors will be redirected to a page explaining the site is down for repair. After you've finished un-tick the box to return the site to normal.

How to allow a plugin page to bypass maintenance mode?

Place this before class2.php in your plugin script: $_E107['no_maintenance'] = true;

About Notify

Notify sends email notifications when e107 events occur.

For example, set 'IP banned for flooding site' to user class 'Admin' and all admins will be sent an email when your site is being flooded.

You can also, as another example, set 'News item posted by admin' to user class 'Members', and all your users will be sent news items you post to the site in an email.

If you would like the email notifications to be sent to an alternative email address - select the 'Email' option and enter the email address in the field provided.