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Combination new and old way
on Thursday 12 September 2019
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Old plugins way:

file admin_menu.php

and there something like this:

show_admin_menu(_CLANWARS, $action, $var);

New way:

class clanwars_adminArea extends e_admin_dispatcher


protected $adminMenu = array(
'main/prefs' => array('caption'=> LAN_PREFS, 'perm' => 'P'), 



If there is useless to override all plugin and you need to replace just some its parts:

in new file: 

add to class clanwars_adminArea

  function renderMenu() {
	     include (e_PLUGIN.'efiction/admin_menu.php');

in old admin_menu change e_SELF to file name

$var['Mail']['text'] = _WWARSMAIL;
$var['Mail']['link'] = "admin_old.php?Mail";
$var['Prefs']['text'] = "Prefs";
$var['Prefs']['link'] = "admin_prefs.php";

This way you have the same menu for new and old parts and you can replace old parts by little steps, not everything at once. 


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