01. How to install survey plugin JM version

How to install survey plugin from version maintained for version 2
on Thursday 25 October 2018
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If you want to try Jimako's version, go to:


Click on

If you use download option, it will download with wrong folder name.
You need to unpack it and rename folder (change folder name survey-master to survey).

Only then upload via FTP to your e107 installation.

Be sure that you are uploading correct folder (after unpacking there can be one folder under other)

This folder has to uploaded on server:

Then go to Plugin manager, not installed plugins, find Survey plugin and then it is it.


If you see this after installation, installation was succesfull.


If you see there 2 options, it's because just part of old plugin was updated. The same survey (form) is now maintained 2 ways. Fields can be added only in second option.


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