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    Mon May 16 2022, 18:32  Jimako

    Actual situation: all bbarea fields have now

    tags around text (you can manually change it to

    but reductact tags are still there)

    Why is it problem?

    If your markup is for example (problems with W3C validation):


    - Error: Element p not allowed as child of element h3 in this context.


    - Error: No p element in scope but a p end tag seen.

    So what to do? Override core CMENUBODY shortcode in theme shortcodes.

    1. add add theme_shortcodes class $override variable (before _construct() )

    var $override = true;

    1. add new method:
    function sc_cmenubody($parm='')
        $sc   = e107::getScBatch('page', null, 'cpage');
        $data = $sc->getVars();                
        $text =  e107::getParser()->toHTML(vartrue($data['menu_text'],''), true, 'BODY');  
        $text =  str_replace(array("


    "), "", $text); return $text; }

    It's done. Just remember that all CMENUBODY is now without

    tags, so you need to use


    anywhere in template