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    Fri Sep 14 2018, 08:24  Jimako
    Sometimes e_PAGE is not defined with SEF-URLs. It could be big problem with old plugins, because their logic depends on e_PAGE almost for sure.

    Fix for content plugin:

    [prism]if(defined("e_URL_LEGACY") && !defined("e_PAGE")) {
    if (strpos(e_URL_LEGACY, 'content.php') !== false) {
    define("e_PAGE", 'content.php');
    elseif (strpos(e_URL_LEGACY, 'content_manager.php') !== false) {
    define("e_PAGE", 'content_manager.php');

    This code I originally used in e_meta.php to solve problem with canonical urls. But then I found that meta tags are related to e_PAGE too and it has to be set before HEADERF.

    (e_PAGETITLE was defined wrong way then)

    e_module was too soon
    e_meta and e_header were too late