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Arcane - just some ideas

Jimako ยป 4 months ago
Just playing with Arcane and hit some ideas... to get user data registration in theme shortcodes: $userData = e107::user(USERID); // official documentation is wrong - if you don't know correct key name, use print_a($userData); save date to variable: $sc_user_join = e107::getDate()->convert_date($userData['user_join'], "short"); and use it: <span>Member since '.$sc_user_join.'</span> To add custom links to userbox (from theme_shortcodes): use any navigation type and template it needed way. put navigation shortcode between users links:
            		<a href="{LM_USERSETTINGS_HREF}"><i class="fa fa-cog"></i>'.LAN_SETTINGS.'</a>
              {NAVIGATION=alt6} ';
Add links manually in sitelinks. Result: C6d2ea3e134f


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