• Sorry, but I am still here although it doesn't look like this.

    Testing new bootstrap4 theme on this site... in progress.

    Actually working on combination 3 different CMS without losing the functionality of any of it, in fact, there are 5 CMS:
    e107 1.0.4
    e107 2.3.0
    efiction CMS
    and 2 different unnuke installations.

    Funny thing is that only real problem with combination or with bridging is e107 - old CMSs use not hardcoded table tables names in code, tables are defined in constants that you can easily change.

    We need efiction functionality, but we have 10 years data in unnuke tables and I want to use e107 features. At least for administration part. This is the priority for me now. It's planned for all this year.

  • Funny, but always I start to work on something new, it helps me to solve some old problems I couldn't get solved before.

    So for time being, I am working on:

    🗹 replaced experimental version of JM_Download plugin with fully supported JM Download plugin

    🗹 replaced very old download tracker plugin with new Admin UI solution

    🗹 added Latest download menu to JM Download plugin (I found too late that there is similar plugin by Father Barry, so at least I used some prefs and language strings from it)

    🗹 added Top download menu to JM Download plugin (there was old plugin by SecretR with this functionality, but it doesn't work anymore)

    🗹 added metatag preview directly on entity tab (you can see what will be output in the head without checking source code

    🗹 fixed more things in metatag plugin

    🗹 used first time alter configuration for metatag plugin (added Tab for Download overview). It was a very simple change, after using this way with JM Canonical plugin, I could rid all changes in original e_metatag settings. I will see...

    What needs to be done before JM Download 1.3 will be released for download?

    🗷 cleaning local shortcodes. They were used at a beginning similar way as core download shortcodes, but it is complicated and hard to understand. Global shortcodes are easier, so probably I will rewrite local shortcodes similar way.

    🗷 customized metatags for download summary (to support pagebreak)

    🗷 maybe - adding new Admin UI for download categories. The core one is still not fixed.

    What is planned for version 1.4:

    🗷 support for canonical URLs defined in JM Canonical plugin. But if alter config works the way it was planned, maybe I do it at once (sooner).

  • Some screenshots from WebLinks plugin which is part of UnNuke migration

    Maybe 30 percent is done.

    Unfortunately, something else has priority and I need to spend some time with WordPress. But this as always, doing site with WP causes that I am back to e107 with new energy.

  • Contact us plugin is tested on this site now. I had to finish some working version because of spams that were able to go through core version.

    Some screenshots are here

    The plugin is not finished, but because I am now focusing on other things, it will be fixed after reporting some issues.

    What is inside?

    - simple plugin form builder

    - saving messages to database

    - set more recipients regardless of core email settings

    - use Thank you page

    - sent copy of the email to sender email

    - use google map with API, google API and gmap3 script

    In docs folder is example of the template for martik2 theme used on this site.

    I am curious myself if it is able to stop spams.

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