Visualization of the menu on different templates of the Gaia theme.

Viktor » 2 weeks ago
I select "This menu will only be SHOWN on the following pages", but the menu is shown on all pages attached to the "rightsidebar" template, and not only on the page that I indicated.


Jimako » 2 weeks ago

Gaia uses {DEFAULT_MENUAREA} for shortcodes in the footer (only in footer). So if you used a different menu area, it is not a theme issue. 

This {DEFAULT_MENUAREA} just adds menus for default layout to other layouts (the same footer for all layouts), nothing more, visibility should be still valid.  Check your theme, in the latest version it was areas 41, 42, 43,44. But again, it should still work. The core is responsible for this functionality (visibility), not theme.

I suppose more issues with your settings -  your path inserted vs the real path. 

You can delete that shortcode from your theme and you will see. 

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