Viktor » 1 month ago
How can I insert the name of my plugin (in '. $ Caption.' ) in the theme in $ style == 'imageheader'?
In my picture in the header of the page, the title is not displayed.
Gaia theme.


Jimako » 1 month ago

With your own plugin, you should be able to do this directly in your plugin in the caption that is used for the tablerender() function.

If you need to do this in theme.php, there is 3rd parameter in

e107::getRender()->tablerender($caption, $text, $id); 

and you can use plugin name for $id and then in theme tablerender() check this parameter (called $mode or $id mostly) and switch $style or $caption according to it.

There is 4th parameter as an array too but there are limited keys for it and it is not documented and I myself don't have an idea how it works. 


I am not sure if I got you right -  just confirm me that this is what you asked. And if you need more explanations, I can give you real examples or more details. I use this very often.

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Viktor » 4 weeks ago
Thank you. I needed to insert the title in my own plugin. The tablerender () function did everything right.

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