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    Tue Aug 28 2018, 22:48  Jimako
    If you insert for example: [prism]{GALLERY_PORTFOLIO: placeholder=1&category=1}[/prism] to your page, final look can be broken, if theme is not prepared for this. There are 2 ways how can be this shortcode displayed. 1. via template by default portfolio template is commented. Quick fix: - check if theme uses gallery template - if not, copy gallery plugin template into theme templates folder (templates/gallery/gallery_template.php) - uncomment portfolio template [prism]$GALLERY_TEMPLATE['portfolio']['start'] = ''; $GALLERY_TEMPLATE['portfolio']['item'] = '{GALLERY_CAPTION=text}'; $GALLERY_TEMPLATE['portfolio']['end'] = '';[/prism] Then template way is used, tablerender function is ignored and just fix this template (add col-md-* classes). For example: [prism]$GALLERY_TEMPLATE['portfolio']['start'] = '
    '; $GALLERY_TEMPLATE['portfolio']['item'] = '
    '; $GALLERY_TEMPLATE['portfolio']['end'] = '
    ';[/prism] PS. I would use smaller images to save time loading. 2. via tablerender If you don't want to mess with template open theme.php add this line to tablerender function: [prism]if($id == "gallery_portfolio") {$style = "gallery_portfolio"; }[/prism] This is case if your theme works only with $style parameter - because gallery portfolio shorcode uses only $id parameter. Then add code for gallery_portfolio value: (This is used for each item, so no class row there) For example: [prism] case "gallery_portfolio": echo "
    "; break; [/prism]