I know, everybody hates ads. But you dislike to pay for something too. I would like to give everything for free, but it's impossible because costs are too much. If you know how Google ads work, you know how to help. It's on you. I can detect income by country, so... Australia rocks now! Thanks

Changelog BS Magazine 02 theme

Jimako ยป 8 months ago

2017-03-12 - first release version 1.0

2019-05-01 - version 1.0.1

- UPDATED: social icons for version e107 version 2.2.0

- UPDATED: comment templates style for e107 version 2.2.0

- FIXED: the colour of top fixed navigation after scrolling

2019-05-01 - version 1.0.2

- FIXED: the position of top fixed navigation


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