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  • Is there somewhere in the control panel I add my copyright info or do I hardcore it somewhere in the files. Thanks for your help[!

  • There are more ways how to do it.

    1. standard way (core way)

    -  by default e107 has copyright preference called Site Disclaimer

    Sitedisclaimer 01

    This value is displayed by shortcode in any place in your theme.php, mostly in footer.

    <span style="font-weight: 400;">{SITEDISCLAIMER}</span>

    If you use code "YYYY" in your text, it will be replaced by actual year, so this way your copyright is changed each year.

    2. standard way (with respect to theme author)

    If something like this is defined in theme.php :

    <span style="font-weight: 400;"><strong>define("THEME_DISCLAIMER", "<br /><i>".LAN_THEME_1."</i>");</strong></span>

    and then used f.e. this way:

    <span style="font-weight: 400;">{SITEDISCLAIMER}<br />{THEME_DISCLAIMER}</span>

    you should respect theme author and let this copyright without changing

    3. hardcoded in theme.php

    Of course you can always hardcoded your copyright in footer.

    <div id="footbar" class="container-fluid">
     <div id="footcont">
     &copy; 2007 - ' . date('Y') . ' {SITENAME} &nbsp;&nbsp; {SITEDISCLAIMER} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a  href="#container">'.LAN_THEME_12.'</a>
     <div class="copy">'.LAN_THEME_6.'</div>
      <!-- Please dont remove my credits! I worked hard to create this theme and distribute it freely.    Thanks! -->

    There are specific situation too where I use more complicated way.

    -  If I build site where client doesn't have access to Preferencies - in this case I use plugin for extending theme functionality.

    - If I need to set copyright specific way, I use new config parameter in theme config file and I set copyright in Theme options.

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    New version of metatag plugin is tested now here... some messages can be see from time to time :)

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    There is new theme mdbootstrap in my github repository for anybody who want to learn new way how to build e107 theme. It's built with focusing on step by step. Anybody who have interest, just let know about you and start ask questions while I am on the beginning.

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    For download something, you need to subscribe class Real e107 user in your profile. (if you didn't get message on homepage)

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