• The post is here to avoid any questions in future.

    Original site already expired but I was lucky and I downloaded those plugins before it did. Untergang left e107 community and he did what I consider for the best solution. He gave his code for free and for any future using.

    I started with this website back in 2007, but the time has come to put an end to it. Therefore, everything is now available for free! Although I won't be providing any support for it. The website will stay online as long as the domain name doesn't expire, which is somewhere in 2018. So, feel free to download what you want and do with it what you like.


    Original plugins are available in my github repository for old plugins.
    They works with php 5 only.

    Now I am working on update for version 7.1 (2). Those version are not for free. I am tracking my time spent on them, so I will probably collect donation for it. As soon as it will covers my time costs, all donators will got access.


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