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  • Just wondering as I have just added the Calendar to the front page of my website but am not sure wether it should show current day with a box around it or something like that. If not I think it should be added and also should also show events on com ing days with same sort of box in different colour...

    Just an Idea

    Thx in Advance

    It's set by theme. 

    in blogcalender menu it's set by blogcalendar-day-link class and your theme doesn't use it

    in calender menu it's set by bg-warning and your theme set is transparent

    Can you fix it?

    eachday #00008b event #696969


  • There 6 states of calendar date:

    // 1 - Today, no events
    // 2 - Some other day, no events
    // 3 - Today with events
    // 4 - Some other day with events
    // 5 - today with events, one or more of which has recently been added/updated
    // 6 - Some other day with events, one or more of which has recently been added/updated

    To override theme css for table cells:

    .leftmenu-box table.table tr td.case2,
    .rightmenu-box table.table tr td.case2 {
    background-color: #00008b;

    .leftmenu-box table.table tr td.case6,
    .rightmenu-box table.table tr td.case6 {
    background-color: #696969;

    You need to define other colors too, otherwise cells will be still transparent. 


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