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  • Yes, there is already the new version coming soon out, but this is about something else. It's about the future of this plugin. Again, because it wasn't answered.

    If you were here from the beginning, you would know how it started. It was without knowledge about how URLs are created now. The canonical plugin didn't work, it didn't solve double content at all. The metatag plugin used canonical URLs wrong way. Old constants didn't work with SEF-URLs as they did before, each plugin was behaving different way... It was about way - we will try and we will see results.

    During the time it became so big, it solved so many problems in the core that it went behind original plans for this plugin. Maybe it's time to start from the beginning...

    What are the main areas for JMC plugin now?

    meta tag

    Now metatag plugin (github version) uses canonical URLs correct way but there is another problem without any feedback or reaction. It's related to paginated content. With this plugin, all pages point to the first page. You can see this in download categories or news categories. My opinion is that this is not correct. Am I wrong?
    But I have already version where I can let all metatags to metatag plugins (it's caching results for URLs) and it will use canonical URLs from JMC plugin. So JMC plugin will not insert canonical tag at all. I like the metatag plugin because it solves other metatags too. Everything clear and all tags in one place. And maybe saving to the database could be replaced by saving to the flat file? Just ideas.


    In fact, I nowadays use redirection functionality as the main feature of the JMC plugin. But this should be part of Redirection plugin, it was added to JMC just to save time. But for finishing Redirection plugin I need to log 404 URLs and there are issues with core managing 404 URLs. I have no idea what to do, but I am sure that this shouldn't be part of JMC plugin.


    JMC plugin solves or it will solve limitations of the gsitemap plugin. This was planned from the beginning but I tried to avoid adding a new table. One stupid ID field to gsitemap table is needed for this, but it looks now that adding next related table is the only solution. Or create new version of gsitemap plugin? Too much work maybe...but it would be independent of JMC plugin then. I am sure that sitemap shouldn't be part of JMC plugin too. But answers from core devs is to use e_gsitemap and double links for sitemap import. Next neverending story.

    double content for entities

    Entities are referring about table and IDs (news + ID, page + ID, chapter + ID etc). In JMC it's called related Canonical URLs. There is only one thing to discuss: - self-referencing canonical tags.
    Now it's working according to this:

    but I maybe add pref for this, because I value the opinion of net1313 who thinks that canonical URLs shouldn't point to themselves. Or I got him wrong.

    double content for other pages

    Single pages like homepage, contact page, news frontpage etc. It's called the manual combination in JMC. Again the problem with self-referencing canonical tags, but otherwise it works.

    canonical URLs themselves

    Original idea was to use legacy URLs (not SEF-URL), but it was changed during time. This is the area what should be focused on. For example canonical URLs for download preview image, pdf, the print version of pages... There are no clear rules for this again, I can solve this only if I noticed some errors or warnings in webmaster tools.
    And any change in core and I can start again.

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  • Jimako
    Jimako  1 week ago

    New version of metatag plugin is tested now here... some messages can be see from time to time :)

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    Jimako  2 weeks ago

    There is new theme mdbootstrap in my github repository for anybody who want to learn new way how to build e107 theme. It's built with focusing on step by step. Anybody who have interest, just let know about you and start ask questions while I am on the beginning.

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    For download something, you need to subscribe class Real e107 user in your profile. (if you didn't get message on homepage)

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    @Moc I changed settings to PM available for class Real e107 user (class able to download free things) and I added you this class. And created issue because I have no idea how this should work.

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    @Moc Could be possible that Mention plugin stopped to work? No mail notification. Sorry.