JM Core plugin 1.2.0

JM Core plugin 1.2.0

Author Jimako
Author website
Description The version used on this site. It fixes some core limitation via the plugin, no core changes. Check Readme at first. 

What is inside?

  • fix for missing titles in the main menu in the admin area
  • formatted sidebar navbar headers in the admin area
  • export selected theme prefs from core prefs
  • added bootstrap label and badge bbcodes
  • attempt to use plugin shortcode for bootstrap user navigation with using sitelinks handler and navigation template
  • temp place for custom download shortcodes to avoid core shortcodes limitations, thanks to Achim for inspiration

What was removed because it is in core now [2.2.2]?

  • workaround for theme preferences export
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Date Monday 29 July 2019 - 14:24:20
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