Elements with your own theme

How to use it with your own theme
on Friday 30 August 2019
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 Next text is just shortcut list of needed things to do. It supposes that you know how JM Elements works.

1. you have a theme without elements

2. install plugin

3. if you have installed elements from other theme, backup them and delete them (if you don't want to try them and you are creating your own ones)

4. create folder elements inside theme folder (for your own options files. otherwise you can use default ones)

5. create jmelements folder inside template folder with file theme_templates.php.  Create there at least one template key $THEME_TEMPLATE['yourkey']

6. add new element in admin area, set key (mode), select data set (option file) and template (template key)

7. test shortcode and play with the template. It's all



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