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on Wednesday 28 August 2019
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 If you use this plugin with our theme, you should know:

- there is folder jmtheme inside your theme with option files (filename starts with word "option_")   Those files are already prepared for your theme. You should change them only if you want to extend your theme.

- there can be jmtheme template in templates folder if theme displays images (or other fields) different way. Any HTML output is done by templates or your inserted values, nothing is hardcoded.

If you use this plugin with your own theme, you should know:

- there is folder "default" inside plugin folder with default options. You should move it to your theme to folder jmtheme. Under theme you can modify it, create copy and have more option sets etc.

- jmtheme template uses 2 keys for images: cssinline and bgimage.  Maybe you need your own version for bgimage markup, so copy it standard way to your theme templates folder and customize to your needs.


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