Introduction to JM Theme plugin

Some basic information about JM Theme plugin
on Wednesday 28 August 2019
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This plugin was first time introduced with Gaia theme.  It solved some missing functionality in the Theme manager.  During the time some of its functionality was moved to core and some of it was improved.

Important.   Old Gaia and OM themes use version 2.0.  If you want to use with theme new version 2.1, don't forget about the update process

Author note.  This plugin is paid. Sorry, too much time without any feedback was spent on it to give it for free. All my ideas related to this plugin were shared with core developers, some of them are now part of the core, some were declined. Moving to core complicated my own development and I needed to rewrite everything from the beginning.  And then to find a solution to have it worked with older themes.The donation for this plugin is more about supporting the next development, so here are rules
  • if you donated it, you can use it with any themes and how times you want.
  • if you donated it with any our premium theme, you will not pay it again with the next theme. You will get a coupon or better price to save your money. To say that you have this plugin is not enough to get better price, it was never free. I am not stupid. If I don't track you as a donator, I want some confirmation about your donation. 
  • this applies for AppStrap theme too, although old version uses other plugin. But it helped me to get this idea.


What was removed in version 2.1:

- navigation builder. It's not needed anymore. With HTML files is easy to test the new version.  

- custom fields not related to layout (use JM Elements for this)

Actual plugin structure looks this way:

Jmtheme Folderstructure



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