The History of Elements Plugin

Custom plugin packed with Gaia or OpenMind themes
on Saturday 10 August 2019
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CMS e107 is managing content very well. But you need to be an advanced user not to get lost in custom pages, menus, areas, layouts and other terms.Everything that this plugin does, you can do with e107 itself. This plugin just saves time, and site development is quicker with it.
I have this idea from my first theme for somebody. Everything was correct, site admin just wasn't able to customize anything, and they never got how chapter menus work. And I created some theme plugin with almost each my theme, but I wanted one solution for all my themes. It was hard to manage them. Somewhere on YTB is my video about content blocks plugin idea... 
Then AppStrap theme came, and AppStrap plugin was the first working element plugin. But I hit next limit with variable layouts. Then I got an idea with DNG theme, and I created the custom layout plugin.
And everything this came together while working on Gaia theme by Creative Tim.

Webticker menu example JM Elements Plugin Example Where to find element settings JM Elements Plugin Example JM Elements Plugin Example JM Elements Plugin Example


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