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Solid Theme Introduction on 03 Oct 2020

Solid Theme

Author: Jimako
Author site: https://www.e107sk.com/
Category: Flat corporate theme
Original Solid theme is a 7 pages theme ideal for web agencies and freelancers. 
Uses Font Awesome, Masonry Javascript, PrettyPhoto lightbox and nice hover effects thanks Codrops. 
With e107 it can be multipage site for any purpose.
Source code: https://github.com/Jimmi08/e107-free-themes-by-e107sk/tree/master/solid
Download official release: https://www.e107sk.com/download/72/solid-e107-theme-2-2-0-version-for-e107-2-3-0


Important. This theme is based on the original GPL license from 


by Carlos Alvarez from http://alvarez.is

You can check that original files are used.  

The source for Codrops script is not available anymore.



e107 Core Theme version  Note
2.1.4 Official Release 2.1.1 bootstrap3 - PHP Layouts
2.2.1 Official Release  not available
2.2.2 (2.3.0 GitHub from 17.3.) not available
2.3.0 beta 2.2.0  bootstrap3 - HTML layouts
2.2.1 fix 
2.2.2 fix
2.3.0 new theme options functionality

This is the end of the development and enhancement bootstrap3 version.  If you notice, the original theme has now different license terms too.  

Version 3 is in progress, but it will be a completely new theme built on bootstrap4 that just will look as Solid theme. 

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